Sustainable Desk

As a major supplier of office and welfare furniture for temporary construction site accommodation, we have recognised that there is a need to find a sustainable alternative to the current ‘disposable’ products available in the market.

Having previously trialled a cardboard desk solution with great success, we have developed a product perfectly suited to the industry. It is hard-wearing, completely recyclable and priced competitively with traditional non-recyclable products. With a recommended service life of between 2 and 10 years, a solid, recyclable acrylic top and integral cable management, ECOdesk360 is a superb workstation and a great way to boost your sustainability credentials.

  • 20% of all landfill comes from office furniture
  • Together, we can revolutionise project site offices to make them 100% recyclable
  • ECOdesk360 is the start of a new philosophy for site facilities

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly office desking without compromise.


Are you ready to embrace sustainability?

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