Achieving GOLD with Supply Chain Sustainability School

TCi is pleased to have earned a place in the top tier awarded by the construction industry organisation


Following a programme of engagement with training, professional development and best practice resources and a face-to-face interview, TCi has achieved a gold badge from the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

The School is an award winning industry wide collaboration, led by Partners and Members whose Vision for the School is to be;

“A world class collaboration to enable a sustainable built environment”.

It is supported by CITB and over 100 partners from throughout the construction industry, including many major contractors.

The process of continuous engagement has enabled TCi to access a raft of useful information and resources to upskill and improve supply chain best practice, sustainability and capacity. Using the built-in action plans and assessments, the team has been able to undertake gap analysis and identify which areas need focus to improve.

A case study on TCi’s engagement has been created as a result of the interview and can be found HERE

Learn more about the Supply Chain Sustainability School HERE

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