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Apprenticeships CAN work for all

Marketing & Sustainability Manager, Benjamin Gibbs is a strong believer in apprenticeships, describing them as: “The best way to gain a valuable qualification whilst working, and they provide a direct benefit to your work role which is extremely rewarding.”

Ben is currently undertaking a 2 year, level 7 Leadership Apprenticeship with Plymouth University. Although entering an apprenticeship later in his career he is able to apply his learnings through workshops with TCi’s senior leaders, providing essential content for coursework as well as ultimately contributing towards business strategy.

Ben explains; “I didn’t have a clue about careers when I was younger, so after studying science and arts-based A-levels, I completed a degree in classical music, which didn’t really give me a plan for the future. I subsequently found myself gaining business experience managing a public house, and although I have learnt a lot on the way, things could have been a lot simpler if I’d had some good advice!”

Ben joined TCi with a wealth of marketing experience from a range of industries and has since achieved a Level 6 Marketing Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  He has also been instrumental in the development of TCi’s sustainability strategy and was recognised as the national Environment Champion for the Considerate Constructors Scheme in 2022.

“I have had some great opportunities to develop a more structured career and gain some more useful qualifications which complement my skills and experience, but if I were to advise anyone starting out today, I would always recommend an apprenticeship. I consider myself very lucky to now have the chance to gain a new level of qualification whilst furthering my own potential within TCi…

…The senior leadership team at TCi have already embraced the processes and learnings, adopting some of the work into strategic considerations.”

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