Solar PV panels boost environmental power at TCi HQ

TCi is now able to generate enough electricity to power its head office on a sunny day, thanks to solar panels on the roof!

Solar Heat Tech Ltd arrived in March to install 42 275W photovoltaic cells, capable of a combined output of 11.55kWh. The solar panels are expected to be able to produce enough electricity on a good day to account for the entire power requirement of the headquarters, with National Grid power stepping in to make up the shortfall when the sun is not at full strength. It should represent a saving to TCi’s traditional electricity bill, but is also a major step towards reducing the carbon footprint of the company.

solar-panel-installation-carbon-green-tciThe solar panels are predicted to generate 11,180kWh annually

TCi actively embraces environmental initiatives, having launched a 100% recyclable and sustainable cardboard desk in 2017. ECO360® provides an environmentally friendly solution to the disposable nature of site office furniture, which is often otherwise consigned to landfill at the end of its life.

Solar Heat Tech is a Devon based renewable heating company with a passion for the environment and energy saving technology. Their aim is to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by investing in the best new technologies on the market for every home or business. Solar Heat Tech Ltd is an MCS accredited installer.

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