Doing construction better with the power of the sun at TCi HQ

State-of-the-art solar installation helping to deliver clean energy at turnkey contractor’s head office.

Having already set some impressive sustainability benchmarks within the industry, TCi has now gone a step further by installing an impressive solar array with battery storage and intelligent power management.

Although we were already using a zero-carbon electricity tariff, we felt that it was really important to make use of the space we have and generate some or all of the power we need ourselves, right here at head office.

With the current cost of energy and potential supply issues, it adds a level of resilience to our business whilst helping us to continue to provide excellent value to our customers.

What’s really exciting is that during recent sunny days, we’re generating a good amount of power which will help us to charge our growing fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles, which are helping to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Thanks to efficient building design that incorporates low-energy lighting, efficient climate control and appliances, alongside up-to-date IT and AV facilities, the c.27kW system is able to deliver the majority of TCi’s daily power requirements during the summer months. By using an intelligent battery storage system, additional power can be delivered early in the morning, before the panels have reached their potential and store excess energy when they are at peak.


It has been a considerable investment, but improvements in battery technology have made it worthwhile and we’re really pleased to have our own clean electricity generation on the premises.

This installation has been part of an ongoing environmental improvement plan since TCi moved into its current premises 18 months ago. The company had previously installed solar panels at its former head office and was keen to repeat the process with a more effective setup, making use of developments in technology.

It’s great to see those commitments from our sustainability strategy coming to fruition. We have invested in efficiencies to ensure that our energy consumption is minimised and now we’re harvesting our own power, using existing space.


The installation was provided by local solar installation specialist, BD Electrical Services and the energy store received partial assistance from a Make It Net Zero Resource Efficiency Grant provided by Heart of the South West LEP and delivered by SWMAS.

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