Gold award for Toby at Hinkley Point C gala ceremony

TCi’s Toby Martyn was announced as “Apprentice of the Year” at the HPC Excellence Awards.

The dazzling event, which took place at the Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-Super-Mare, recognises achievements across all disciplines and sectors contributing to Europe’s largest construction site.

Hinkley Point C, which supports around 22,000 UK jobs, has already exceeded its target of creating 1000 apprenticeships, which also provides an indication of Toby’s achievement.

“I am overwhelmed with the award and looking forward to what this year brings!”

Toby Martyn, HPC Apprentice of the Year

In the 18 months he’s been with TCi, Toby has already been able to contribute towards developments exceeding £15m in value as well as managing his own projects from start to finish. This has included the delivery of a large briefing arena and meeting space, all whilst attending Exeter College once a week.

Alex Perkis, Managing Director at TCi commented recently; “Toby has made an outstanding start as he embarks on his career as an Apprentice Project Manager. His enthusiasm and sheer capacity for learning and development makes him stand out from his peers.”

Toby’s experience is a great example of the wider local benefit delivered by the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK for more than 20 years, as he explains:

“Growing up in rural Northern Devon, opportunities to gain experience on major construction projects were limited. Working for TCi at Hinkley Point C has enabled me to gain skills and experience that I simply wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.”

“I’m grateful for the chance I was given to start this journey and looking back to when I began my apprenticeship, I am proud of the progress I have made. I was honoured to have been nominated for the HPC Excellence awards never mind coming away with Gold! I know that this is an individual award however my success is owed to all the teams and colleagues at TCi who help me daily to achieve everything so far.”

He is due to complete his two-year apprenticeship later this year, and plans to continue his studies whilst progressing as a qualified Project Manager.

Chris Pyne, Project Director at TCi said; “watching Toby develop within my team has been extraordinary and this is a very well deserved accolade.”

Toby is one of several apprentices at TCi, adding to a success story that has been developing over many years. You can find out more about TCi’s approach to employing apprentices here.

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