Taking part in the Million Mile Clean

This week, a team of volunteers took part in the first of a series of litter-picking operations as part of the Surfers Against Sewage initiative

TCi is taking part in the Million Mile Clean which aims to make the UK a cleaner, greener place for everyone to enjoy.

On Thursday, Alex, Lauryn, Shaun and Courtney started at Fremington Quay and collected 13.2kg litter along a stretch of the Taw estuary on the popular Tarka Trail footpath and cycleway which is within our precious North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

On their return to head office, the team inspected their haul and segregated the waste for recycling to ensure that none of it will end up in landfill.

A brand audit revealed names such as Coca Cola, McDonalds, Lucozade, Greggs, Budweiser, Red Bull, Heineken and Stella Artois, which have been reported back to the Million Mile Clean team to help with the campaign.

After the event, Courtney said;

“It was great to get out of the office and do something positive for our local environment whilst enjoying the fresh air. It’s astonishing how much rubbish you can collect in a short space of time. I’d be keen to do it more often and would definitely recommend it to others!”

There are plenty more clean-up operations planned as TCi takes part in this wonderful scheme, embracing wellbeing alongside environmental benefit.

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