TCi celebrates 50,000 safe working hours milestone on project

Operatives at the Junction 24 Asset Warehouse site were presented with a commemorative travel mug to mark the point at which 50,000 hours had been worked without a lost time incident.

The achievement was commemorated during a Zero Harm-themed week at Hinkley Point C, highlighting safety initiatives across the development.

TCi construction WORKS (part of the TCi (GB) Ltd family) was contracted to refurbish the 230,000sqft ex-supermarket distribution facility for use as a consolidation warehouse. It will be operated by Wincanton and directly support the construction of Hinkley Point C, the UK’s first new nuclear power station in a generation. The design and build project incorporated intense liaison between the client and stakeholders to provide an effective depot within budget and work commenced on site early in 2019.


Following a minor lost-time incident during the early stages of the warehouse refurbishment project, TCi embraced a robust reassessment of safety procedures with help from world-class safety staff and resources available at Hinkley Point C.

Project Manager, Chris Pyne made a short presentation to workers during an organised break in construction, commending the many contractors and individuals for embracing recommended safety practices which were acknowledged to be going above and beyond.

Chris explained “we have had no push-back” and praised the positive and correct attitudes encountered during site inspections and expressed thanks from the site management team to every person for helping to achieve the goal.

“embracing all the values”

Joy Gwatkin, NNB Site Ops Service Manager addressed the team, remarking that safety initiatives at the site had received admiration within the wider Nuclear New Build project and that safety staff wished to use it as an example to other contractors. She stressed the Hinkley Point C mantra that everyone should “go home as you came to work” and thanked the team for “embracing all the values” promoted by the project.

During the 50,000 hours, staff have conducted:

  • Over 400 inductions
  • 2393 Point Of Work Risk Assessments
  • 1288 work permits
  • 75 Site Inspections
  • 10 Behavioural Safety Courses
  • 5 Collective Insights
  • 98 Workplace Observations

TCi (GB) Ltd represents unparalleled service in commercial construction and interiors, office and welfare furniture supply and installation. TCi is a Tier 1 contractor to EDF Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build.

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