TCi Sustainability Charter commitments signed!

Building on a reputation for sustainability initiatives, TCi’s latest industry-leading objectives have been set out on canvas

Signed by management team representatives and communicated throughout the business, the new Sustainability Charter extends the company’s commitments to include an ambitious target to become net carbon neutral for financial year 2022-2023.

The charter incorporates 6 core areas of focus, identifying actions under Carbon Reduction, Fleet Management, Supply Chain Management, Conservation, Outward Communication and Waste Management.

Here’s a brief introduction from Ben Gibbs, Marketing & Sustainability Manager:

The charter combines a number of initiatives already running at TCi including a commitment to Zero Waste to Landfill and works in harmony with TCi’s promises under the North Devon Biosphere Business Partner scheme.

The TCi Sustainability Charter

Find out more about TCi’s sustainability activities and tree-planting progress below:

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