The dishes will be done, thanks to dishwasher donation “miracle”

In response to an urgent plea from the Salvation Army, staff at TCi were delighted to be able jump to the rescue!

Lead Chaplain at Hinkley Point C, Ewen Huffman, contacted the site to ask for help from contractors after the untimely failure of the commercial dishwasher at Bridgwater Salvation Army Community Church, just days ahead of a busy season of community Christmas lunches.

TCi’s Chris Pyne and John White became aware of the request and were able to jump to the rescue, locating a commercial dishwasher as a donation to the group. Delivery was quickly organised by the TCi warehouse team and the unit was installed with 24 hours to spare ahead of the first Christmas meal.

Corps Officers, Heather and Jonathan, expressed their gratitude to the team for stepping in to help. Ewen Huffman exclaimed; “I can hardly believe it!!! Thank you all of you for making a miracle happen!!”

John White, Operations Manager at TCi said; “We’re very glad to have been able to assist when the call came through. As we say, “TCi takes care of it”.”

In addition, a request had been made for contributions to cover travel costs for the Salvation Army Band due to convene in Bridgwater from as far away as Gloucester and Cornwall to perform at Hinkley Point C. TCi is pleased to have been able to facilitate this in partnership with HPC.

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