Plug-in hybrid vehicles join the TCi fleet

Taking steps to reduce fleet emissions with hybrid technology

TCi is pleased to announce the recent replacement of diesel and petrol company vehicles with Mercedes A class plug-in hybrid alternatives.

The move is part of a commitment that TCi has made to reduce fleet emissions which prioritises electric vehicles ahead of petrol and diesel models whenever a new van or car is considered. It is hoped that as technologies become more prevalent throughout the industry, a good deal of traditionally powered vehicles can be replaced with more sustainable alternatives.

Talking about his new, low-emission transport, Managing Director, Alex Perkis said;

“It’s great to be able to achieve my short daily commute entirely on electrical power, and using a green energy supplier means that I’m able to achieve my journey using 100% renewable energy.

Unfortunately, we’re not quite at the point yet where a full electric vehicle will be suitable for the majority of our business applications, but it’s a step in the right direction.

On a recent routine trip to our sites at Hinkley Point C in Bridgwater, I was able to achieve an average efficiency of 83mpg, using less than half the fuel I’d have previously needed driving the pick-up truck that I had before.”

Combined with other initiatives such as carbon-zero recyclable furniture products, solar panel installation, conservation and carbon footprint offsetting, the adoption of hybrid vehicles is part of an ongoing sustainability journey at TCi.

Plug in hybrid vehicles helping TCi to reduce emissions as part of an ongoing sustainability drive
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