Reducing emissions for World Environment Day

Staff at TCi have opted for greener transport to #BeatAirPollution for UN Environment World Environment Day.

By either cycling, walking or car-sharing, TCi employees have saved about 90 car miles today, representing approximately 200g carbon dioxide saved.

“Although it’s only a tiny amount today, it goes to show that the efforts of just a few people can make a difference, and multiplied across teams and businesses on a daily basis, there is scope to have a real impact.” Explained Fiona, Office Manager

Marketing Manager Ben Gibbs said; “it’s nice to leave the car at home and get out on the bike first thing in the morning. I’ve been able to reduce emissions and save about £3.50 in Diesel (although the savings might go on a pasty for lunch so I have the energy to cycle home again!)”

TCi has set high standards for improving environmental impact in its daily operations as a construction contractor and supplier through commitment to ISO 14001:2015, Considerate Constructors Scheme and FORS accredited fleet management.

In 2017, ECO360® fully recyclable cardboard desk was launched, providing a sustainable, disposable workstation aimed at 4-6 year construction projects where large temporary office facilities are required.

The company is currently targeting zero waste to landfill, by partnering with local waste contractors and has installed solar panels at its Bideford HQ.

Situated within one of just 686 UNESCO Biosphere reserves worldwide, staff are constantly reminded of the importance of protecting the local environment. TCi has signed up to the Biosphere Invest in Nature Charter, ensuring a commitment to enhancing biodiversity, reduce waste and carbon footprint and to trade in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

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